14 Dec: Steven Filipiak: EoP libertarian ethics Thomas Sankara Response to Peace Corps: Aloha Gambia Natural Farming & Knock Knock Uganda


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From: Lara Johnstone | To Stephen Filipiak
CC: Peace Corps; UNFCCC & Cop 21; Libertarian Party & Org. Religion: Religious Scholars
Sent: Monday, December 14, 2015 3:02 PM
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From: MILED EoP-PoW Clerk: Andrea Muhrrteyn [mailto:andreamuhrrteyn@mweb.co.za]
Sent: Monday, December 14, 2015 3:02 PM
To: ‘Stephen Filipiak’
Cc: ‘Jenny Everett’; ‘Carrie Hessler-Radelet’; ‘Uganda’; ‘Ghana’; ‘Costa Rica’; ‘Burkina Faso’; ‘UN Framework on Climate Change: Secretariat: General Enquiries’; ‘Secretariat’; ‘INet Info & Support’; ‘FTC Environment Facility’; ‘FTC National Comm’; ‘UNFCCC Statements’; ‘Cop 21 Paris’; ‘Judge James Gray’; ‘Libertarian Party’; ‘Chair: Nicholas Sarwark’; ‘Vice: Arvin Vohra’; ‘William Redpath’; ‘Sam Goldstein’; ‘Doug Craig’; ‘Gary E. Johnson’; ‘Guy McLendon’; ‘Colorado: Norm Olsen’; ‘Alaska: Ron Windeler’; ‘Florida: Vicki Kirkland’; ‘Tennessee: Ed Marsh’; ‘Ohio: Marc Feldman’; ‘Indiana: Brett Bittner’; ‘California: Dan Wiener’; ‘Scott Lieberman’; ‘Virginia: Jim Lark’; ‘Maryland: Scott Spencer’; ‘North Dakota: Roland Riemers’; ‘Missouri: Sean O’Toole’; ‘Texas: Kevin Ludlow’; ‘Louisiana: Daniel Hayes’; ‘New Hampshire: Rich Tomasso’; ‘Connecticut: Joshua Katz’; ‘Grand Lodge of TX: Grand Secretary’; ‘Prince Hall Masons via President Obama’; ‘François Stifani: Grande Loge Nationale Française’; ‘Masonic High Council of Egypt’; ‘Al-Azhar Al Shareef’; ‘Supreme Council of Islamic Affairs’; ‘askme@islamic-council.com’; ‘Karim Soliya’; ‘Al Azhar Univ Islamic Sciences: Aziz Madel’; ‘M Shashin’; ‘Royal Islamic Strategic Studies Ctr: Prince Ghazi bin Muhammad of Jordan’; ‘Aref Ali Nayed’; ‘Pope Francis via Holy See in London – Nuntius’; ‘AngCh: Office’; ‘AngCh: ExecOff: Christine Codner’; ‘The 14th Dalai Lama’; ‘Matthieu Ricard’; ‘Karuna Shechen: Matthieu Ricard’; ‘Moscow Orthodox Theological Academy’; ‘Cathedral of Christ Savior: Editor: Leonid Filatev’; ‘Russian Orthodox Church’; ‘Christianity Today: Mark Galli’; ‘Angus Buchan’; ‘JTSA: Alan Mittleman’; ‘Amy Kalmanofsky’; ‘Meredith Katz’; ‘Skip Moen’; ‘Atheist Scholars via Daniel Dennett’; ‘Richard Dawkins’; ‘Baba Amte: Anandwan Comm: Office’; ‘Mata Amritanandamayi: HQ’; ‘Baba Ramdev’; ‘Asaram Bapu’; ‘Heart of Hinduism’; ‘Beijing Dongyue Temple: Yuan Zhihong’; ‘Chinese Taoist Assoc’; ‘Hong Kong Taoist Assoc’; ‘Taoism of Longhushan’; ‘Futahashira Shrine’; ‘International Shinto Foundation’; ‘Guji Yukitaka Yamamoto’; ‘Idle No More: Sheelah McLean’; ‘Nina Wilson’; ‘Sylvia McAdam’; ‘Jess Gordon’; ‘Sacred Religious Texts Archive’; ‘United Nations: Special Rapporteur Rights of Indigenous peoples: James Anaya’
Subject: EoP libertarian ethics Thomas Sankara Response to Peace Corps: Aloha Gambia Natural Farming & Knock Knock Uganda

Stephen Filipiak
Gambia Peace Corps &
Aloha Gambia Natural Farming (snfilipiak@gmail.com)

CC: Jenny Everett (jennyseverett@gmail.com)
Uganda Peace Corps & Knock Knock Uganda

CC: Judge James Gray (jimpgray@sbcglobal.net)
Costa Rica Peace Corps
Ref: Transparency copy re Ecology of Peace ICC Private Prosecution Assistance of Counsel Requested [PDF] viz a viz: Military, Peace Corps & ‘outside the mainstream normal box’ legal thinking and advocacy.

CC: USA Peace Corps Director
Carrie Hessler-Radelet (pressoffice@peacecorps.gov); Uganda (ugandadesk@peacecorps.gov); Ghana(ghanadesk@peacecorps.gov); Costa Rica (costaricadesk@peacecorps.gov); Burkina Faso(burkinafasodesk@peacecorps.gov)
Ref: Transparency copy re EoP ‘development game’ viz a viz USA Peace Corps sustainable development game

UNFCCC: UN Framework on Climate Change Secretariat, Cop 21 Paris:
UNFCCC: UN Framework on Climate Change: Secretariat: General Enquiries (secretariat@unfccc.int); Secretariat (secretariat@unfccc.int); INet Info & Support (ccinet@unfccc.int);FTC Environment Facility (GEFModule@unfccc.int); FTC National Comm (NCModule@unfccc.int);UNFCCC Statements (Cop21Cmp11Protocol@unfccc.int); Cop 21 Paris (info@cop21paris.org)
Ref: Transparency copy re EoP ‘development game’ viz a viz Climate Change sustainable development game

CC: Libertarian Party:
Libertarian Party (info@lp.org); Chair: Nicholas Sarwark (chair@lp.org); Vice: Arvin Vohra(vicechair@lp.org); William Redpath (william.redpath@lp.org); Sam Goldstein (sam.goldstein@lp.org);Doug Craig (doug.craig@lp.org); Gary E. Johnson (gary.johnson@lp.org); Guy McLendon (guy.mclendon@lp.org); Colorado: Norm Olsen (norman.olsen@lp.org); Alaska: Ron Windeler(ron.windeler@lp.org); Florida: Vicki Kirkland (vicki.kirkland@lp.org); Tennessee: Ed Marsh(ed.marsh@lp.org); Ohio: Marc Feldman (marc.feldman@lp.org); Indiana: Brett Bittner(brett.bittner@lp.org); California: Dan Wiener (daniel.wiener@lp.org);  Scott Lieberman(scott.lieberman@lp.org); Virginia: Jim Lark (james.lark@lp.org); Maryland: Scott Spencer(scott.spencer@lp.org); North Dakota: Roland Riemers (roland.riemers@lp.org); Missouri: Sean O’Toole (sean.otoole@lp.org); Texas:  Kevin Ludlow (kevin.ludlow@lp.org); Louisiana: Daniel Hayes(daniel.hayes@lp.org); New Hampshire: Rich Tomasso (rich.tomasso@lp.org); Connecticut: Joshua Katz (joshua.katz@lp.org)
Ref: Transparency copy re: Judge James Gray: Ecology of Peace ICC Private Prosecution Assistance of Counsel Requested [PDF] viz a viz: EoP libertarian ethics.

CC: Religious Scholars: Ref: VPutin New-or-No Rules Q: A: Egyptian Pres Al-Fattah Al-Sisi at Al-Azhar: We Must Revolutionize Our Religion
Masonic Scholars: Grand Lodge of TX: Grand Secretary (gs@grandsecretaryoftx.org); Prince Hall Masons via President Obama (presidency@whitehouse.gov); François Stifani: Grande Loge Nationale Française (fspgmfm@gmail.com); Masonic High Council of Egypt (masoniccouncil@gmail.com);Islamic Scholars: Al-Azhar Al Shareef (Pr.amc@alazhar.gov.eg); Supreme Council of Islamic Affairs (askme@islamic-council.org); (askme@islamic-council.com); Karim Soliya (karim@soliya.net);Al Azhar Univ Islamic Sciences: Aziz Madel (azizmadel@yahoo.com); M Shashin(mshahin@islamicau.org); Royal Islamic Strategic Studies Ctr: Prince Ghazi bin Muhammad of Jordan (opinion@rissc.jo); Aref Ali Nayed (aref@kalamresearch.com); Catholic Scholars: Superior General Adolfo Nicolas, Pope Benedict, Pope Francis via Holy See in London – Nuntius(Nuntius@globalnet.co.uk); AngCh: Office (aco@anglicancommunion.org); AngCh: ExecOff: Christine Codner (christine.codner@anglicancommunion.org); Buddhism Scholars: The 14th Dalai Lama(ohhdl@dalailama.com); Matthieu Ricard (monastery.nepal@shechen.org); Karuna Shechen:Matthieu Ricard (asia@karuna-shechen.org); Orthodox Christian Scholars: Moscow Orthodox Theological Academy (mpda@yandex.ru); Cathedral of Christ Savior: Editor: Leonid Filatev(f_leonid@mail.ru); Russian Orthodox Church (info1@patriarchia.ru); Protestant Christian Scholars: Christianity Today: Mark Galli (mgalli@christianitytoday.com); Angus Buchan(angus@angusbuchan.co.za); Judaism Scholars via JTSA: Alan Mittleman (almittleman@jtsa.edu);Amy Kalmanofsky (amkalmanofsky@jtsa.edu); Meredith Katz (mekatz@jtsa.edu); Skip Moen(skip@skipmoen.com); Atheist Scholars via Daniel Dennett (daniel.dennett@tufts.edu); Richard Dawkins (contact@richarddawkins.net); Hindu Scholars: Baba Amte: Anandwan Comm: Office(anandwan@gmail.com); Mata Amritanandamayi: HQ (macenter@amma.org); Baba Ramdev(divyayoga@rediffmail.com); Asaram Bapu (support@ashram.org); Heart of Hinduism(icrc@pamho.net); Taoism Scholars: Beijing Dongyue Temple: Yuan Zhihong (dytemple@126.com);Chinese Taoist Assoc (zgdjbjb@163.com); Hong Kong Taoist Assoc (admin@hktaoist.org.hk); Taoism of Longhushan (lhsdj.org@gmail.com); Shintoism Scholars: Futahashira Shrine (futahashira@roy.hi-ho.ne.jp); International Shinto Foundation (info@shinto.org); Guji Yukitaka Yamamoto(tsubakiamerica@bigplanet.com); Native American scholars via Idle No More: Sheelah McLean(mcleanshe@hotmail.com); Nina Wilson (creethunder2001@yahoo.ca); Sylvia McAdam(smcadam03@yahoo.ca); Jess Gordon (jessicagordonconsulting@gmail.com); Sacred Religious Texts Archive (postmaster@sacred-texts.com); United Nations: Special Rapporteur Rights of Indigenous peoples: James Anaya (indigenous@ohchr.org)
Ref: Transparency copy re EoP v WiP negotiations PDF & EoP Axis: Intnl PDF

EoP libertarian ethics Thomas Sankara Response to Peace Corps: Aloha Gambia Natural Farming & Knock Knock Uganda

it’s true i’m a little bit out in the bush, but just in spirit, as there’s an internet cafe in my town, which is rare for gambia.

I imagine that’s true. Internet café’s will be rare for the entire planet in the not too distant future; once industrialization collapses.

yeah, you didn’t much offend me, maybe a little,

Sorry. Did not mean to offend. Just prefer honest communication; and some cultures interpret honesty as insulting and flattery as respect; whereas in my culture I consider honesty to be respect; and flattery to be insulting.

but that’s only because i know you are right and i’m a bit naive to the development game, culture here and my biases given my history. with me just at the start of my eye-opening experience it’s something that’s tough to admit when you feel your making leaps and bounds in perspective and insight: that’ i’m just at the humble start.

Hmmm. There is much that can be said on this issue. Not sure what you mean by the ‘development game’?

Re: Development Game:

Re: Games: Rules and No rules games:

I don’t play games – poker, bridge or monopology or any sport – where those playing the games don’t make the rules clear; and same rules apply to all players. What would be the point? The game either has rules or it has no rules. The game either has rules that all the players must adhere to; or it has no rules; then simply refer to it as ‘No Rules game’.

My interpretation and EoP Oath response to President Vladimir Putin’s Valdai question: New Rules or No Rules; can be found at: Former MILED Clerk Ecology of Peace (EoP) New Rules or current Masonic War is Peace (WiP) No-Los-Pepes Rules culture negotiations [PDF].

Los Pepes no rules are similar to Beirut no rules; or Keiser Souze no rules. An example of Los Pepes no rules can be found in:  Pablo Escobar: King of Coke. Keiser Souze no rules description can be found in the movie: The Usual Suspects. Beirut no rules is referred to in the movie Syriana; an example of KGB playing Beirut rules is referred to in correspondence to Tim Johnston [PDF].

RE: How Serious Pentagon, CIA & NSA Generals know anyone is sincere:

If or when you identify the serious American Generals; and/or Russian, NATO, Pakistani, Chinese, Australia etc Generals;  – of whom you have such a high opinion – who appointed you as their spokesperson; who want you to act as their Masonic War is Peace ‘fuck honour’ debate spokesperson.

I suggest you discuss the issue with your family.

New Ecology of Peace rules including communication rules; are clearly outlined here; which I practice in my relating to all; irrespective of race, class or religion.

Masonic War is Peace Rules is a different kettle of fish; depending on the particular racial, class or religious sub-culture and the Masonic Rule of Law state functions will to regulate or ignore the particular sub-cultures practicing of their respective inter sub-cultural rules.

The higher you go up the Masonic food chain where the big boy Generals, Bankers, Judges, CEO’s tread, you enter into areas where state police and prosecutorial functions generally ignore the particular sub-cultures Masonic War is Peace rules; whose rules can be similar to Beirut rules: i.e. zones where the state ‘rule of law’ allegedly applicable to everyone else has collapsed; as can be noted in any collapsed state ruled by overt gangs and their warlords; where as Crowley would say where ‘do what thou wilt’ rules rule; or some sub-cultural version of that imposed by those capable of the greatest brute force or cruelty to maintain order and obedience to their sub-cultural version of Beirut, or Los Pepes, etc rules.

An example of KGB / FSB playing Beirut rules.

My EoP rules for expressing my opinions – particularly what could be interpreted by them personally or some of their followers; as negative opinions – to any General; or for that matter politician, pope, guru, homeless person, etc; is to express my honest opinions to them; for their attention; to their inbox; or if possible to their face; and secondly: to sincerely give them the opportunity of proving my working hypothesis opinion about them wrong. If so to publicly amend my working hypothesis conclusion and if necessary apologize.

Masonic War is Peace Political Party no rules example can be found in Mexico where it is overt; as opposed to in other duhmockery’s where it is covert. In Mexico it is referred to as Plaza 123; a description thereof can be found in: Lord of the Sky: Drug Lord: Amado Carillo Fuentes.

An example of Ecology of Peace Political Party rules can be found in Correspondence to UNFCCC, Cop 21 and GMACCC: (i) Paris Choking with F**k Honour Cop21 Ego Supremacists pretending they give a f**k about climate change; (ii) EoP Cop21 Simple Root Cause Problem Solving Recommendation [PDF]; with an excerpt copy in: Judge James Gray: Ecology of Peace ICC Private Prosecution Assistance of Counsel Requested [PDF].

Negotiators from over 190 countries – representing citizens from many different races, classes, cultures, religions – have come together to negotiate a ‘climate change agreement’; to stabilize atmospheric concentrations of greenhouse gases (GHGs) to avoid “dangerous anthropogenic interference with the climate system”; with the aim of keeping global warming below 2°C.

Simplify Suggestion:

“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” – Albert Einstein

[1] Climate change – like food shortages, food inflation, cost of living increases, urban sprawl, traffic jams, toxic waste, pollution, peak oil, peak water, peak food, peak population, species extinction, loss of biodiversity, peak resources – is a direct and indirect consequence of overpopulation and overconsumption.
[2] Overconsumption and overpopulation are a direct consequence of humans procreating and consuming above ecological carrying capacity limits.
[3] Humans procreate and consume above ecological carrying capacity limits because the current international law social contract; provides the worlds nations citizens with the ‘right to breed and consume with total disregard for ecological carrying capacity limits’.
[4] Humans will stop procreating and consuming above ecological carrying capacity limits when legislators amend the international law social contract; to require all the worlds citizens to procreate and consume below ecological carrying capacity limits.

EoP Cop21 Simple Root Cause Problem Solving Recommendation:

Cop 21 negotiators agree to support international law legislation requiring all the worlds nations political parties to agree to implement national legislation by 11 September 2016; that requires all their citizens to procreate and consume below ecological carrying capacity limits. Any political party which refuses to cooperate; is to lose their political party license. Any nation that refuses to remove the violating political party’s license may be legally charged in an international court; by any individual in that nation or another nation with the intention to bribe their citizens to overbreed or overconsume; which shall be considered crimes of aggression acts of war; punishable by the death penalty for every single member of that political party.

Once implemented all political parties will be on an even playing field and will no longer be able to bribe their citizens with individual or corporate welfare to vote for their political party. Politicians shall have to find their Thomas Sankara backbones; to cooperate with their citizens to teach them how to become cooperating self-reliant sustainable nations.

Re: Development:

As for development; much of the western world appears to consider industrialization rape of the planet and being converted from citizens into dumbfuck consumers to be ‘development’ [See:Capitalist Cultural Consumptionism; and What is Cultural Imperialism?, by Matti Sarmela; copy inControl of Consumption: Global Corporate Cultural Imperialism Racket at Sustainable Security Defcon Theses].

I don’t share that perspective on development.

Having lived in and traveled through many cultures; and recognizing that all those cultures – whether they are religious or racial cultures all with different ‘development’ ideals – reside on one planet whose resources are finite; my perspective is that the Peace Corps and any other government entity attempting to enforce European industrial development down other traditional racial or religious cultures throats is not only fucked but highly unethical. [My EoP Libertarian concept of ethics is clarified in EoP v WiP negotiations correspondence to Unashamedly Ethical; copy at MILED Clerk Notice]

If the Peace Corp or any other European so-called development, including ‘sustainable development’ agency gave a fuck about sustainable inter-cultural ethical development; their ‘development policy’ would be:

Ecology of Peace Facts Reality: (a) Earth is not flat; (b) Earth renewable and non-renewable resources are finite; (c) When humans breed or consume above ecological carrying capacity limits, it results in resource conflict; (d) To sustainably protect and conserve natural resources in accordance to local and national carrying capacity limits; and restrict national and international inter-cultural, racial and religious resource war conflict; humans must reform and/or abolish the Masonic War is Peace international law social contract; and cooperate to implement an Ecology of Peace international law social contract that restricts all the worlds citizens, from all races, religions and classes; to breed and consume below ecological carrying capacity limits.

Put simply: everyone breed and consume below ecological carrying capacity limits and engage in fully informed consenting agreements.

but i appreciate you checking in and being aware of how you may come across,

Not sure what you mean ‘how I may come across’. If Tom and Mary are from different cultures; how Tom comes across to Mary; if Tom is not coming across to Mary as Mary expect Tom should come across to Mary; is a function of Mary’s socio-cultural beliefs about how Tom ‘should’ come across to Mary.

If I am not coming across to you in a way that you think I should come across; then you are welcome to clarify for me; how and why you think I should come across to you in the way you consider to be the ‘correct way to come across’ to a person from your culture.

it makes me feel that you’re more approachable.

Well if I am coming across to you as approachable; that’s good; if we are both interested in an honest conversation; then we may learn something from each other; and be able to cooperate to on issues we agree upon; or nonviolently to agree to disagree on issues we don’t agree upon.

i’ll check out gene’s link, this is all very interesting to me and makes me further believe that the simple act of helping, in any situation, is an elusive and undervalued skill.

Agreed. I don’t think you can help anyone until you are clear about what it is that they want. If they don’t know what they want; you could probably help them to clarify for themselves that they are confused and don’t know what they want; which would be a good start for them to start considering what it is they want from being alive on planet earth; as an alleged human.

It is however possible to help someone who does know what they want.

If you have the skills and/or resources to help them (a) if you want to; you can help them; (b) if you don’t know if you want to help them, cause you need more information: you can tell them: I need more information to make a decision as to whether I want to help you or not; and tell them what information you need; so you can make your decision about whether you want to help them; (c) if you don’t want to help them; tell them asap; so that you don’t waste their time.

Ok, i’m outta here in a week, i’m going overland from gambia to dakar tomorrow and will fly back to the states in a week. talk with you later on,

Okay; hope you have a good trip to Dakar and back home. Till then.


CC List FYI: Transcript of this and prior correspondence to Stephen can be found at EoP Axis Military Necessity Evacuation: Uganda [PDF].