Req Asst Counsel

Re: McVeigh Faked Execution & Russia Assisted Suicide

Karen Marshall [PDF]: Karen Marshall is a retired former SA Judge who lives in Wilderness, South Africa
→ provided verbal legal assistance; refused to put it in writing.

Re: Anti-occult human sacrifice lawyer

Wesley Miller [PDF]: Wesley Miller is an Oregon Attorney and editor of CollapseNet; which was founded by former LAPD narcotics cop and From the Wilderness investigative journalist Michael Ruppert; who committed ‘human sacrifice for the children’ suicide on 13 April 2014.
→ no response.


Re: EoP ICC Private Prosecution Assistance of Counsel


Paul Harris [PDF]: Paul Harris is a San Francisco based lawyer who is the author of Black Rage Confronts the Law and Warrior Lawyer and is the founder of the Center for Guerrilla Law.

Request Withdrawn:

Erin Brockovich [PDF]: Erin Brockovich is an American legal clerk and environmental activist, who, despite the lack of a formal education in the law, was instrumental in building a case against the Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) of California in 1993; which was the subject of the movie: Erin Brockovich.

No, Not Interested:

James Gray [PDF]: James Polin “Jim” Gray was the presiding judge of the Superior Court of Orange County, California and is a critic of current American drug laws. He was the 2004 Libertarian Party candidate for the United States Senate in California and the 2012 vice presidential running mate of former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson.

Horst Mahler, Sylvia Stoltz & Daniel Kettiger [PDF]: Horst Mahler is a German former lawyer, founder of Red Army Faction, former member of National Democratic Party of Germany and a Holocaust Denier. He is the subject of the documentary: Die Anwälte – Eine deutsche Geschichte / The Lawyers – A German History.

Sylvia Stolz is a German former lawyer; who has legally represented Ernst Zundel and Horst Mahler for holocaust denial. She has also been convicted of Holocaust denial; and is currently in prison for a 2012 holocaust denial speech.

Daniel Kettiger is a Swiss Attorney & External Project Director for the Center of Competence for Public Management; who filed the holocaust denial speech complaint against Sylvia Stolz; who accused Stolz of transgressing Swiss race law, Art. 261bis of the Swiss Criminal Code.

Katya Komisaruk [PDF]: Katya Komisaruk was convicted in 1987 for her political necessity revolution of taking out one-third of the U.S. nuclear first strike capability, by decommissioning the Navstar missile guidance system at California’s Vandenburg Air Force Base with a hammer, cookies and flowers. After helping many prisoners to file legal applications she was admitted to Harvard; has filed a class action lawsuit against the CIA based upon Michael Ruppert and Gary Webb Drug war research; and currently works as an anarchist lawyer at the Just Law Collective.

Ivan Pavlov [PDF]: Ivan Pavlov is a Russian lawyer who is the founder of the Freedom of Information Foundation; focussed on protecting the right to access to governmental information. He has also defended Russian citizens accused of disclosing state secrets, high treason and espionage.

Mahesh Chandra Mehta [PDF]: Mahesh Mehtra is an Indian environmentalist lawyer; founder of the MC Mehta Environmental Foundation; who is often described as India’s One Man Enviro-legal Brigade, for his actions as the only Indian Supreme Court lawyer to have taken up legal cudgels with the polluting Indian Industries and come out victorious.

Tony Oposa [PDF]: Antonio Oposa is a Philippine environmentalist lawyer who legally established the principle of inter-generational responsibility. He has organized and led enforcement operations against Environmental crime syndicates. In 2008, after a ten-year legal battle against twelve Philippine government agencies, he won an unprecedented case to compel these agencies to clean up Manila Bay.

Sandile Ngcobo [PDF]: Sandile Ngcobo is the former Chief Justice of the South African Constitutional Court. Justice Ngcobo approved the submission of an Ecology of Peace Amicus Curiae in the matter of The Citizen v Robert McBride; which argued that South Africa’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission proceedings were fraudulent; because they failed to consider overpopulation and overconsumption as causal factors for Apartheid ethnic, racial and ideological Cold War proxy resource conflict. None of the original parties; or other Amici in the matter were willing to address the issues raised in the Ecology of Peace Amicus.

Paul Kruger [PDF]: Paul Kruger is the counsel for the Volksraad Verkiesing Kommissie; which is an Afrikaner organization setup to organize and monitor fair elections amongst Afrikaner South Africans; for a Volksraad to legally negotiate with the South African Government; for Afrikaner Secession to establish an Afrikaner Republic.

John Echohawk [PDF]: John Echohawk, Pawnee, is the Executive Director of the Native American Rights Fund. He was the first graduate of the University of New Mexico’s special program to train Indian lawyers, and was a founding member of the American Indian Law Students Association while in law school. John has been with NARF since its inception in 1970, having served continuously as Executive Director since 1977.

Luis Moreno-Ocampo [PDF]: Luis Moreno-Ocampo is an Argentine lawyer and was the first Prosecutor of the ICC: International Criminal Court. He previously worked as a prosecutor in Argentina, notably combating corruption and prosecuting human rights abuses by senior military officials in the Trial of the Juntas.

Christopher Weeramantry [PDF]: Sri Lankabhimanya Christopher Gregory Weeramantry is a Sri Lankan lawyer who was a Judge of the Supreme Court of Sri Lanka from 1967 to 1972. He was also a Judge of the ICJ: International Court of Justice from 1991 to 2000, serving as its Vice-President from 1997 to 2000. As ICJ Vice-President he presided over several important cases before the Court, including a case on the use and threatened use of nuclear weapons.

“In its advisory opinion on the legality of the threat or use of nuclear weapons, the International Court of Justice (ICJ) observed that such threat or use would generally be contrary to international humanitarian law. The opinion went on to state, however, that the court “cannot lose sight of the fundamental right of every State to survival, and thus its right to resort to self-defence . . . when its survival is at stake.” The court held, by seven votes to seven, with its president’s casting vote, that it “cannot conclude definitively whether the threat or use of nuclear weapons would be lawful or unlawful in an extreme circumstance of self defence in which the very survival of a State would be at stake.”” – Excerpt Rendulic Rule: Military Necessity

Garrett Hardin’s Tragedy of the Commons, argues that the population problem has no technical solution; it requires a fundamental extension in morality: “At the end of a thoughtful article on the future of nuclear war, Wiesner &York concluded that: “Both sides in the arms race are … confronted by the dilemma of steadily increasing military power and steadily decreasing national security. It is our considered professional judgment that this dilemma has no technical solution. If the great powers continue to look for solutions in the area of science and technology only, the result will be to worsen the situation.””

Pres Putin: “Hopefully, no nukes will be needed against ISIS.” – Russia Today