EoP Axis Lotto Notices:

26 September 2015 Lotto Draw:

Lotto Pool Nations:

Top five procreation & consumption Scarcity Combatant Nations in Nominal GDP: United States, China, Japan, Germany, United Kingdom; GDP per capita: Qatar, Luxembourg, Singapore, Brunei, Kuwait; Largest cities: Brazil, South Korea, Mexico, Philippines, India; Population density: Monaco, Vatican City, Bahrain, Malta, Netherlands; Fertility rates: Niger, Mali, Burundi, Somalia & Uganda.

Lotto Pool Nations Notices:

26 Sep 2015 Military Necessity Evacuation Lotto Pool Notice [PDF 15/09/2015]

Proof of Service: Cities Lotto Notice:
→ 14 Dec 15: BH: Bahrain PDF; BI: Burundi PDF; BN: Brunei PDF; BR: Brazil PDF; CN: China PDF; DE: Germany PDF;  JP: Japan PDF; KR: South Korea PDF; KW: Kuwait PDF; LU: Luxembourg PDF; MC: Monaco PDF; ML: Mali PDF; MT: Malta PDF; MX: Mexico PDF; NE: Niger PDF; NL: Netherlands PDF; QA: Qatar PDF; SG: Singapore PDF; SO: Somalia PDF; UG: Uganda PDF; UK: United Kingdom PDF; US: United States PDF; VA: Vatican City PDF.
→ 14 Jan 16: IN: India PDF.
→ 07 Sep: PH: Philippines PDF.
→ 22 Oct: Intn’l: Charity PDF; Law PDF; News Media PDF; Psych PDF; Religion PDF.

26 Sept Lotto Draw Nations:

India and Philippines.