HELM: Honest Lives Matter Empowerment

EoP Charity Platform:

[18] I consent to Giving Pledge officially adopting an EoP Charity – Honest Lives Matter Empowerment – platform as follows:

[19] Initially funding organizations whose charity to prevent and/or mitigate – economic and ecological – symptoms of resource conflict clearly and unequivocally inform their charity recipients in writing; (a) of the Babylon War is Peace root causes of all resource conflict, and (b) with information on how they can register with the EoP Law voters database; as EoP law conditional cooperators voters; to cooperatively abolish Babylon War is Peace international law.

[20] If there is insufficient EoP Law conditional cooperator voter registration cooperation to provide a mandate for the Head of State to authorize a UNGA vote in support EoP UN Resolution; the Honest Lives Matter Empowerment factor can be amended; to for example:

[20.1] Only funding organizations whose staff have a certain percentage of registered EoP Law conditional cooperator voters; and/or.

[20.2] Requiring funded charities to only provide preventative and/or mitigating charity to individuals who are registered as EoP law conditional cooperator voters.
» EoP Leg Sub: 21 Dec: EoP Law Voter DB Q: V Potanin & A Lebedev: The Giving Pledge Ecology of Peace Oklahoma City Bombing Truth and Reconciliation (“EoP OKC TRC”) to End Abel and Kane Cold War Q&A [PDF: pp.09]



EoP Leg Sub: HELM correspondence.