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EoP One Child Law [PDF] definition is being submitted to EoP Axis [eop-axis] Nations Presidents via their South African Ambassadors, for their consent, editing and/or objections, to authorize EoP UN Resolution [eop-un-res] to implement EoP Scientific and Cultural law [eop-scicultlaw] as international law; in EoP TRC legal negotiations filed in George High Court: Case 111/19: LJ v Lindiwe Sisulu [lj-v-ls] on 16 May 2019 [16 May: Court Filings with George High Court Registrar & SA Sheriff].


Excerpts: Jason Brent: Humans: An Endangered Species: V: A Proposal: How to Determine Who Can and Who Cannot Reproduce:


Now to the hard part—to propose a method or to propose criteria by which those who will be permitted to reproduce will be determined. First, any proposal made by me or any other person cannot be value neutral. Any decision made by any human cannot be value neutral. Even asking a question or establishing criteria cannot be value neutral. Everything a human being does, says or writes cannot be value neutral. Second, any proposal I set forth herein is just that, a proposal. There should be and there will be many people that disagree with my proposal. I urge those individuals to present intelligent alternative proposals. I ask those individuals to state why they disagree with my proposal and what facts and logic make their proposals better for humankind.

With the understanding that nothing created by a human being can be value neutral, I will propose a method to divide humanity into two groups, the reproducers and the non-reproducers. That proposal is as value neutral and as fair and just as I can think of. As indicated previously, the division into the two groups will not be made for many years. As indicated previously, the first step is to limit reproduction for everyone to one child. Only after population has been substantially reduced will the remaining population be divided into the two mentioned groups.

Among the criteria I considered are:

  1. The method should not change at any time in the future, since such a change would subject to human whim.
  2. The method should be simple—easy to understand.
  3. The method should be realistic—one that has a chance of working.
  4. The method should be self correcting—if a person without the skills to function is permitted to reproduce in this generation and his offspring do not have the skills to function in the next generation, then the system should prevent their reproduction in the next generation.
  5. The determination of who has the skills necessary to function in society should not be made by a human being or by any group of humans—it should be determined automatically.
  6. The method should attempt to cover the situation in which the necessary skills change, and they do change, so that those that were permitted to reproduce under one set of skills are no longer permitted to reproduce under a different of skills.
  7. The method must take into consideration that in some cases the children of able men/women do not have the skills of their parents and should not be permitted to procreate. And yet, it must be understood that there is a genetic component to almost all skills and to almost every aspect of the human condition.
  8. The determination cannot be made by any test created by a human being or group of humans such as an Intelligence Test (IQ test).
  9. The method must take into account that a myriad of factors determine who has the necessary skills to function.
  10. The method must take into account that the skills necessary to function vary according to the local society in which the skills and individual exists and that there are many local societies on this planet and yet in many ways there is one global society.

Let me make it absolutely clear that the concept of dividing humanity into two groups is not a scheme to establish the “master race” based on race, religion, national origin, language or anything of that type. The reader must understand that the concept of dividing humanity into two groups is a concept which I detest and goes against every democratic principle known to humankind. However, for the reasons set forth in this book it is absolutely necessary to divide humanity into the two groups in order for species to survive.

If a child or anyone were permitted to inherit or receive gifts it would mean that the right to procreate would not be based on the individual’s ability to function, but would be based, in part, on the ability of that individual’s parents or benefactors to function. No matter the method chosen to determine who could procreate, a child of Bill Gates, if he/she were permitted to inherit or receive gifts, would always have an advantage over a child of the ghetto or a child from the slums of India, even though the child of the ghetto or the child from the slums of India had better skills to function.

The permits would be issued to those who paid the highest amount of money for the right to procreate—a bidding process. At this point I am sure that you, the reader, are starting to scream that the author is a crazy, immoral madman. How dare the author take the position that money is to be the factor which determines the future of humanity? The answer is quite simple—generally those that are the most productive, the most able to function in society make the most money. Of course, I know that there are thousands, if not millions, of exceptions to the general rule. However, there is a correlation between the ability of the individual to function in society and a correlation between the benefits an individual brings to society and the money earned by that individual. I know that using money as the factor which determines the future of humanity is unfair to those who live in the poorest countries. Hopefully by the time humanity needs to be divided into two groups the economic differences between the affluent West and the rest of the world will be reduced.

How about Mike Tyson, the fighter who made more money in one fight than most intelligent and able people will make in their entire lives? In this generation he would have the right to reproduce. However, the system is self correcting and in the next generation and/or in future generations, hopefully, the sport of boxing would be less attended and the fighters would earn less money so that their reproduction rate would decrease. If the people continued to attend the sport of boxing so that the future Mike Tysons made the most money, then society in its wisdom would have made the choice of who can and who cannot reproduce. Let us look at the opposite side of the coin. Most composers of symphonies aren’t well paid and would not reproduce under the bidding system. If humanity wanted beautiful symphonies it would have to pay the composers more—the decision would be made by society as a whole. If humanity wanted better teachers and professors it would have to pay them more. To put it in simple terms—humanity/society would determine its future by its acts and hopefully those acts would be made on a rational basis.

The method which I am proposing is based on the assumption that there is a genetic component to the ability to function in society and a genetic component to the ability to provide benefits to society. Since life began on the earth there always has been a genetic component to survival and reproduction of every living thing. However, as indicated above I am aware that many men/women of genius and greatness had fools and incompetents for children. I am also aware that many fools and incompetents had geniuses for children. And lastly, I am aware that it takes nature many, many, generations to determine the fittest within a species. Since the method proposed is self correcting, those incompetents will not be able to reproduce in the next generation. The entire system must be constructed such that reproduction is determined based on the ability of the individual no one else. The right to reproduce cannot be based on the ability of parents, grandparents, friends or anyone else. The process will be continuous and never ending—as the skills needed to function in society change, those that are permitted to reproduce will change.

Admittedly the method cannot and will not be 100% fair even if a child cannot receive gifts or inherit. For example—a ten year old child of wealthy parents could travel with his parents around the world and he would, therefore, have an advantage over a child of poor parents. Another example—a child of a professional couple would hear his/her parents talk at home and that fact alone would give that child an advantage over another child. Access to education would have to be determined by the individual’s ability and nothing else.

An important question which must be considered—why would a person of ability/genius work and create and thereby produce benefits for society as a whole, when that person could not leave the assets he/she acquired to his/her child? Another very important question—why would a wealthy parent in the industrialized world permit a system to exist which requires his child to compete with a child from the slums of India for the right to reproduce? In reality there aren’t any satisfactory answers to those two questions. And yet the ultimate fact is that population growth must be made negative, if humanity wants to survive and a method or system must be created which permits and causes that to happen. I will try to provide answers to the two questions I set forth above. A person of ability will work and create because he/she must—it is a part of his/her nature. If a wealthy person does not agree to a system which requires his/her child to compete with a child from the slums of India, Africa or anywhere else, eventually the slum child who is more competent will become a revolutionary and attack and kill the less competent child of the wealthy person. Any attempt by the wealthy to forever keep in chains and bondage the competent children of the ghettos and slums of the world is doomed to failure.

Professor David Pimental, of Cornell University and his wife, Marcia Pimental, also of Cornell University, in an article they wrote in 2003 reached exactly the same conclusion that is reached in this book in so far as it describes the results of the growing human population—“if the human population continues to increase and exhaust the earth’s natural resources, nature will control our numbers by disease, hunger, malnutrition and violent conflicts over resources. The difficult decisions are ours to be made to prevent the imbalance between human numbers and food security from further escalating.” I don’t want to mislead the reader—in the article referred to above and in their other writings they never referred to coercive population control or dividing humanity into two groups,

To repeat what is written above, there are three and only three ways population growth will be made negative such there is a reduction in the number of humans on the earth—a) death and destruction caused by resource wars using weapons of mass destruction or regular weapons and the other horrors set forth herein; b) the voluntary action of all of humanity, by the voluntary action every group, religion, nation, family,, etc, and this voluntary action must last as long as the human species inhabits the earth; and c) by coercive population control.

Humanity cannot permit the first manner of limiting population growth to occur—it will probably destroy our entire species and/or destroy civilization. The second choice will not be achieved by humankind. Not everyone will agree to voluntary control and even if they did, the action of all of humanity will not last as long as our species inhabits this planet. The only way we can save ourselves is to have population control imposed on humanity.

The foregoing arguments will be met with horror because while the horrors of famine, war, disease, societal and ecological collapse have started they have not registered in the collective psyche of humanity. Not only will religious dogmatists, zealots and anti-abortionists be horrified by what is written in this book, it is highly likely that those in favor of reducing population growth to zero will also be horrified because they will believe what is contained herein is too radical and will bring the entire population control movement into disrepute. I can only challenge them to cast aside their emotional reactions and respond with a reasoned refutation. I would ask—“Precisely what misstatement of fact or fallacy of logic can you locate in my arguments?” Does any conclusion or statement contained herein not logically follow from the facts contained herein? If anyone opposed to the conclusions reached in this book or any reviewer or other reader cannot point to a factual error or failure of logic, then the conclusions reached herein are not radical, but merely they are disagreeable to convention and the current view of morality and justice.

If you, the reader, are interested in the future of humanity, you have three intellectual choices;

  1. Show that the human population can continue to grow forever.
  2. Show that all of humanity will voluntarily reduce population growth to zero or make it negative and then stabilize population at a level that the earth can support for an extended period of time.
  3. Establish a method of coercive population control which will prevent the destruction of humanity caused by the growing population or even a stabilized population.

There are no other choices. If you cannot defend choices numbered 1 or 2 then you must accept choice number 3. If you don’t like the method I have set forth above to control population by coercion, propose an alternative method.

Let me summarize the problem facing humankind in a slightly different manner. What will happen when humanity exceeds the carrying capacity of the earth? Something must happen –by definition if the carrying capacity of the earth is 100 human beings and there are 250 human beings on the earth something must happen. How will society function when the population equals or exceeds the carrying capacity of the earth? What action must humanity take today to prevent the destruction of humanity when the human population exceeds the carrying capacity of the earth? These questions would not have to be answered by humanity if the human population never, repeat never, exceeds the carrying capacity of the earth. These questions will have to be answered today or sometime in the future when humanity exceeds the carrying capacity of the earth.

There are two and only two ways that the number of human beings will never exceed the carrying capacity of the earth—a) if the carrying capacity of the earth is infinitely large; or b) if humanity forever keeps the population of humanity below the carrying capacity of the earth. And the carrying capacity of the earth cannot be infinitely large. The earth cannot support an infinitely large human population no matter what humanity does and no matter the intelligence of humanity. In effect, there is only one way for humanity to never exceed the carrying capacity of the earth and that is to control population growth and there are only two ways to do that—by the voluntary action of all of humanity forever or to have the growth of population controlled by some mechanism which enforces limits on reproduction. If you are an intellectually honest reader, no matter how much you disagree with what I have written or detest my proposals, you must answer the questions set forth in this paragraph or show that the analysis set forth in this paragraph is incorrect. Since voluntary population control will not prevent humanity from exceeding the carrying capacity of our planet, humanity must face the horrible choice and face it today, not tomorrow, —–coercive/imposed population control or the destruction of our species.



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